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the astrological planetarium

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the software!


Recommended system requirements


OS: Windows 10 or above, 64-bit;

Graphics card: Direct X11 capable GPU;


OS: macOS X 10.5 or above;

Graphics card: Metal-capable Intel and AMD GPUs;

Memory: 1 GB RAM;

Storage space: 500 MB;

Hardware: mouse and keyboard;

Hōroskopos is an open source planetarium for astrological studies. It simulates the sky in a 3D environment using real data. You can use it to observe how the planets, signs and constellations move through the sky and learn about the principles of astrology.

The source code and release history is available on GitHub.

Check out our blog for updates and astrology commentary!


Astrology makes much more sense when you understand how the sky works.

observe the days change with the seasons

Toggle between sky view and chart view

watch the planets move through the sky

understand the zodiac and constellations


Sky elements:

  • Planets

  • Zodiac

  • Houses

  • Constellations

  • Cardinal directions

  • Horizon and meridian

  • Moon phases

  • Lunar orbit

  • Equator


  • Visualization modes

  • Astrological chart visualization

  • Different house systems

  • Traditional and modern planets

  • Realistic day/night cycle


  • Mouse exploration

  • Chart-based exploration

  • Time control

  • Location control

  • Information boxes for planets and signs

  • Creation and management of profiles

visualize the different house systems in 3D

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