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Horoskopos v1.0.0 is finally released!

We are proud to release Hōroskopos, the virtual planetarium for astrological visualization. This project has been in development for over a year and it’s finally time to publish it. Inspired by existing virtual planetariums, such as Stellarium and, this project was conceived to serve as a new astrological alternative to celestial visualization.

Having studied astrology for years, I noticed a lack of learning resources that focused on the actual sky. It can be easy to get lost when learning astrology, as it combines intricate symbolism with complex mathematical concepts. I wanted to develop a learning tool for astrology that focused on its relationship to the immediate sky, rather than the metaphysical, spiritual and conceptual aspects.

Retrogradation, eclipses, moon phases, houses… We hope that Hōroskopos can help demystify these concepts with its array of visualization features. We believe that it can be of use to beginner and experienced astrologers alike and expect that it will provide users with a new way of looking at astrology.

We hope you will enjoy exploring the sky with Hōroskopos and look forward to hearing your feedback.


It’s such a joy to work with César in this amazing software. As astrologers and designers, our work focused on bringing the celestial mechanics to more easily understandable visualizations. Hōroskopos has a fantastic potential to make astrology education easier, better and brighter. I can only be grateful for the opportunity to have helped a little!


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Oct 18, 2022

Congrats! - Sparklesofgold

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